A Gender Neutral Winter Line

The Reboot Winter line was birthed from a partnership with an organization near and dear to our hearts: Freedom and Fashion! We had the privilege of collaborating with youth who have overcome so much adversity and have used the power of fashion to tell their story.   We gathered together in the name of social justice and produced an introductory winter line of hoodies and sweatshirts.  The line is a merger of the youths' fresh ideas and the Libertad demographic - fresh, innovative, contemporary, and socially conscious. 

Warm colors of nudes and olive greens were added for the first time.  Creative liberties were taken by exaggerating length, playing with seams, and leaving raw un-hemmed edges. Denoting the urban aesthetic, the silhouettes are ultra-relaxed and unisex, leaving the styling up to the wearer’s own interpretation. Most importantly, at the heart of the introductory line is the heart of giving! 20% of each winter item sold will go to benefit Freedom and Fashion!

Proudly designed and created in LA.

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